We are DEVCORE, founded and registered in Philippines in the year 2020, DEVCORE I.T SOLUTIONS, a sole proprietor company, aims to bring fresh new ideas in the market that combines both I.T Developement and Marketing. As time goes by DEVCORE I.T SOLUTIONS expands its services by providing hardware solutions which involves network management solutions and I.T hardware supplies.


DEVCORE I.T SOLUTIONS, offers a variety of services. From Development and Creative Design towards Web Analysis. How we offer things mainly revolves in 1 qustions. Is it applicable in your line of business or not. If its applicable we tend to analyze not just create what will separate your brand towards your competitor.


You may feel free to use our DEV-FREE services, these services doesn't have FEE you just need to contact us, for us to setup the whole system right at that comforts for your business. Our DEV-FREE platforms, consist of ERP systems such as DEVAPAY (DEVCORE ATTENDANCE AND PAYROLL); TELEDEV (TELEMARKETING SYSTEM WITH LEADS); DEVPOS (DEVCORE POINT OF SALES W/ THERMAL RECEIPT "RASPBERRY PI")


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